This meeting will bring together an international audience of researchers motivated to improve the robustness of scientific research. It will also include important stakeholder groups such as data and services providers, tool developers, publishers, institutions and funders that are developing policies relating to research reproducibility.

The overarching theme of the 2022 conference is to position the challenge of reproducibility and replicability as a behaviour-change problem that, when addressed, can lead to culture change within research. The various approaches to effecting and supporting this culture change will be explored in this year’s programme.

Discussions will include topics such as the challenges of ensuring reproducibility and replicability in large, multicentre research collaborations, training researchers in reproducibility, the role of policy development, tools that support reproducibility and replicability, social and behavioural aspects of culture change, local challenges to reproducibility on a global scale, and improving reproducibility and replicability leads to better-quality, transparent and more equitable research outputs, building.

The format will include presentations from international leaders with ample time for discussion and debate. Abstracts on all areas of the conference are welcome for a poster or oral presentation. The participation of early career researchers will be a strong and prominent thread throughout the conference.

In addition to the plenary presentations and discussion, the conference will include a panel discussion on how we could better demonstrate and measure progress in delivering more reproducible and replicable research, giving all delegates an opportunity to contribute.