Many journals now require data sharing and require articles to include a Data Availability Statement. However, several studies over the past two decades have shown that promissory notes about data sharing are rarely abided by, and that data is generally not available upon request. This has negative consequences for many essential aspects of scientific knowledge production, including independent verification of results, efficient secondary use of data, and knowledge synthesis. Here, I assessed the prevalence of data sharing upon request in articles employing the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure published within the last 5 years. Of 52 articles, 42% contained a Data Availability Statement, most of which stated that data was available upon request. This rose from 0% in 2018 to 100% in 2022. Only 25% of articles’ authors actually shared data upon request. Among articles stating that data was available upon request, only 17% shared data upon request. The presence of Data Availability Statements was not associated with higher rates of data sharing (p = .80). Results replicate those found elsewhere: data is generally not available upon request, and promissory Data Availability Statements are typically not adhered to. Issues, causes, and implications are considered.

Hussey, I. 2023. Data is not available upon request. .